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iBeam Universal Rear-view Mirror With Integrated 4.5″ Monitor & DVR

Our iBeam Universal Rear-view Mirror with Integrated 4.5″ Monitor and DVR does it all! This replacement mirror has a factory appearance, and provides a full color camera display and mirror in one. Connect up to two video inputs, rear-view camera and a second camera feed, to give drivers additional visibility without the use of an additional monitor on the dash. Display is virtually undetectable when switched off, revealing a flawless factory-quality mirror. Integrated DVR is a convenient way to capture potentially vital information related to traffic collisions, or other incidents.

The camera is capable of 4X zoom, can take 3.5 megapixel photos, and has a 140 degree viewing angle, to ensure maximum coverage in every frame of video. The 1080p full HD video quality ensures that you will be able to read license plates and street signs clearly – in case video evidence needs to be presented to protect the driver from liability. Providing our largest available storage capability, this DVR supports up to a 64GB microSD card. No need to worry about freeing up space on your SD card by deleting old content, since feed will loop back to the beginning and start recording over the old content once memory card is full. Built-in g-force sensor detects collisions and locks the captured video to prevent it from being overwritten. Includes our most widely used windshield mount – with additional options sold separately.


  • • Replacement rear-view mirror with integrated 4.5″ 1080p full HD color LCD screen
  • • Integrated camera with 140 degree viewing angle
  • • Camera can perform 4X zoom and take 3.5 megapixel photos
  • • Built-in g-force sensor detects collisions and locks the captured video to prevent it from being overwritten
  • • Auto brightness control for video screen
  • • 2 video inputs: rear-view camera input and second video input
  • • Includes most widely used windshield mount
  • • Supports up to 64GB microSD card. iBeam SD card (TE-16SD) sold separately


Universal Fit. Optional vehicle-specific windshield mounts for iBeam mirrors are available:

  • • TE-M01: Fits Toyota/GM/Hyundai/Honda
  • • TE-M02: Fits Honda/Subaru
  • • TE-M03: Fits Volkswagen
  • • TE-M07: Fits Kia/Hyundai
  • • TE-M08: Fits Ford/Dodge
  • • TE-M09: Fits Fiat/Iveco/ Peugeot/Ford
  • • TE-M11: Fits Mercedes
  • • TE-M12: Fits Toyota Corolla