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The MuxLab Stereo Audio Balun (500027) allows an unbalanced line-level stereo analog audio signal to be transmitted via single Cat5e/6 cable in a point-to-point connection to distances of up to 5,000ft / 1.5km. The product is designed for audio applications where mid-range audio frequency response is paramount.

Used in pairs, the Stereo Audio balun can also be used with the 500030 audio balun to connect an RCA interface to a 3.5mm audio interface (or vice-versa).

For increased frequency response to between 20Hz and 20kHz, please see the MuxLab 500028 range.


• Extend audio signal distances up to 5,000ft / 1.5km via single Cat5e/6

• Frequency response: 60Hz to 20kHz (up to 1,000fr / 305m): 100Hz to 20kHz (to max distance)

• Color coded RCA cable leads (male plugs)

• Dimensions: 1.875″ x 1″ diameter (47 x 25mm diameter) plus dual 6″ (152mm) leads to RCA connectors

• Weight: 1.0oz / 0.028kg

• Compatible with MuxLab part: 500030 (3.5mm stereo jack plug)

• Order information: 500027 (sold in pairs)

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