ODX LED 2500 Lumens Headlights

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ODX LED light bulbs emit an ultra white light, which allows for a better and wider vision than original lights.  The color contrast is impressive and offers superior driving safety, whether it is to read road signs, avoid unfortunate wildlife encounters or any other road hazards.

Each bulb offers an amazing 2500 lumens.  Compared with the halogen bulbs on your vehicle, which only offer about 700, the ODX kit gives you about 4 times the brightness, therefore offering you a clearer and more precise vision.

Made of high-heat resistant polymer, our LED kits have no glass casing and no thread, which makes them safe to handle, unlike regular halogen bulbs or xenon HID kits.  They will last you for years.  Heat dissipation comes from braided, flexible copper bands, unique to ODX.

Compared to yellowish, original light bulbs, the ultra white color (6500k) greatly improves the look of your vehicle.

The LED lights are manufactured by CREE, and the entire kit is shock, water and dust resistant.

They use very little energy, maximizing the electronic accessories inside you vehicle.

Never change your lights again – these kits are made to last on average 50,000 hours.

Head Light Model

H3, H4, H8, H16, 9006, 9007, 880, 9012

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