iBeam Motion Detection ADAS Camera

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The TE-MDC is a universal camera that has the ability to be mounted in the rear of the vehicle and allow for 180 degrees of sensing angle for the vehicle.

If an obstacle is crossing the cameras area, it senses the obstacle and provides a red halo around the camera and indication arrows in the direction of the oncoming obstacle, because the camera is able to see the obstacle. There are no additional control modules, everything is built-in to the camera itself. There is an alarm speaker provided for audible alerts of obstacles. The camera does not need any additional calibration or install outside the scope of a normal backup camera install.

  • Provides reverse visual with motion detection overlay for cross-path alerts
  • Audible alarm included
  • Built-in control module, no additional control box
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees horizontal
  • Sensing angle: 180 degrees horizontal
  • 30 ft extension cable included
  • 0.01 LUX rating
  • Defeatable Parking Lines
  • Calibration free
  • IP68