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• 4G LTE connectivity & 3G when needed

• Optimized for use wit DS4/DS4+ and other Directed digital systems

• Lock/Arm, Unlock/Disarm, Trunk Release, Panic, and Remote Start all from your smart phone

• Customize and control the look and feel of two auxiliary channel buttons on the app’s home

Vehicle Picture Customization: You can upload a photo or image file for each vehicle you control with SmartStart

Customization: You can personalize each vehicle by assigning a unique name for it in the app

Password Protection: Users can lock the app by selecting a 4-digit PIN for a higher level of security

• Includes custom harness for Autostart/AstroStart applications

• Compatible with current and older versions of the Viper and Directed SmartStart apps (v5.0 or newer)

• Comes with a new, simplified one-piece wiring harness allowing for faster and cleaner installation.

Only Available in Ontario & Quebec