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The EL3000 is the perfect kit for any curve glass application.  It is the complete package using the best quality available using a top of the line Bosch motor.  The unit is capable of lifting up to 75 Lbs of glass.  The kit is designed for almost every application with curved quarter or side windows.

The EL3000 utilizes a cutting edge roller bracket system, which offers -Z- axis motion, allowing the regulator to follow the natural curvature of the glass.  Where traditional regulators are solid mounted, and very bulky, the EL3000 can be mounted in doors as narrow as three inches, and to make the installation even easier, the EL3000 reuses the OE window guides.  Just remove the stock regulator and glass, reinstall the new regulator onto the original glass, complete the wiring and enjoy the comforts of power windows.

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