ADS12 | 12″ Digital Dual Drive Subwoofer

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You think you’re ready for true state-of-the-art bass? We know you are! That’s why we built the ADS12: our incredible dual-driver, 300-watt subwoofer that’s stealthy enough even for stylish living rooms.

Your ears definitely want the powerful, clean sound of a great subwoofer. But your eyes weren’t so sure, because most great subwoofers are too big to work in a normal room. Well, get ready to make your ears and your eyes happy with the ADS12: a no-holds-barred, state-of-the-art subwoofer that’s compact enough to hide easily in a corner.

How did our engineering team do it? They started with a rugged, forward-firing 12” driver that’ll rock you with its awesome punch. Then they added a downward-firing 12: passive radiator to give you that couch-shake that turns an OK home theater into a great one. They added a muscular 300-watt amp, and the result is one of the best subs we’ve ever heard!

Whether you’re doing home theater or stereo, the ADS12 has the controls and inputs you need to get it working seamlessly with your system. So hold on tight—one ADS12 might be the tightest, most powerful bass you’ve heard. Two ADS12 stretch the limits of what you thought were possible. And four will give every person in the room an experience like they’ve never had before!

Frequency Response 21Hz – 200Hz
Power Handling 300 Watts RMS
Woofer 12″ Treated Paper
Passive Radiator 12″ Treated Paper
Warranty Limited 3 years

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