360 Degree View Kit

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iBeam 360 Degree View Camera System

Our iBeam 360 degree view camera system is the best of the best in driver safety. Four cameras mount to each side of the car, and the included control processor blends the feeds into one seamless panoramic view. This system is custom calibrated to each specific make and model for optimal image fusion. Cameras will install cleanly on exterior of any vehicle, for a factory-quality appearance. Integrated turn and reverse triggers provide instantaneous displays of side or rear camera feeds when changing lanes, parking or reversing. This cutting-edge system provides an unobstructed view of vehicle surroundings at all times, alerting drivers of road hazards and allowing them to avoid potential collisions.

  • • 4 camera 360 degree surround view kit
  • • Camera images are fused together by the included control processor to create a continuous bird’s-eye view
  • • Automatically view full-screen images of side or rear cameras with integrated turn and reverse triggers
  • • View full screen image of front camera via included manual switch
  • • System is custom calibrated to each vehicle individually for optimum image fusion
  • • Requires TE-CMAT for installation, sold separately.
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